Adult Co-ed Rules

1.  Each team will play with (5) field players and a keeper.  Each team must have at least (3) women field players on the field at all times.  Keeper may be a man or a woman.

2.  A man may not score a goal (or take a shot) unless he receives the ball from a woman.

A) Upon receiving the ball from a women a man is allowed a maximum of (3) touches on the ball.  If a man is not shooting he is allowed unlimited touches on the ball.

B) Upon shooting, a man must receive the ball from a women in the attack zone (inside the attacking red line).  He will be permitted a maximum of (3) touches if he is shooting.

C) Deflections:

a)  Shots which deflect off an opponent into the goal count (providing all other rules apply).

b)  If a woman’s shot deflects off an opponent, including the goalkeeper, and rebounds to a man on her team, he is prohibited from shooting.

c)  If a woman’s shot rebounds off the boards directly to a man on her team, he is permitted to shoot.

3. All penalty kicks must be taken by a woman.

4. Teams scoring on themselves count as own goals.

5. Goals will not be registered on the scoreboard, but will be logged in the referees score book.

6. A “No Blasting” rule will be enforced at the referee’s discretion.

7. Goalkeepers may not cross the redline nearest their goal and are allowed (3) touches within that redline and outside the penalty area.

8. Remember, this is a RECREATIONAL league.  Always play with that in mind.  Players who don’t play within this recreational spirit of this league will be removed.


Thank You For Your Cooperation